The importance of proper bathroom installs and finishes

Bathrooms are often smaller rooms but packed with function. The most obvious step in bathroom renovations is creating a space that can handle water and dampness. Using proper practices when it comes to sealing and ventilation will help avoid water damage of any sort.

Using quality fixtures will help ensure the new bathroom will last for a long time to come and enhance your comfort.

We have experience dealing with all those challenges, always willing to gently guide you in the right direction when needed. In the end, we want you to be happy with your new space.

The different elements of bathroom renovations
  • Insulation, vapor barrier, drywall, taping
  • Installing toilets, vanities, countertops, shower stalls, baths, custom tile work, lights
  • Painting
  • Installing various flooring types: tile, vinyl plank or stone plastic composite, or even sheet vinyl
  • Installation of a new door or window
  • Finishing touches such as: shower doors or curtains, mirrors, medicine cabinets, faucets, grab bars and other accessories
  • Light plumbing and electrical work

Often, a  bathroom renovation only requires light plumbing and electrical changes. Light plumbing could be changing a faucet or repositioning a drain. Light electrical could involve repositioning a light fixture or relocating existing switches or plugs. If the change is more significant, we work with other professionals to get the job done right.
We are pleased to work seamlessly with plumbers and electricians of your choice, or we can recommend some professionals we have worked with in the past.

Want your faucet replaced? We do that too.

Bathroom reno complete