Leave it in our hands

Kitchen renovations

Setting a tile backsplash


The backsplash can be an eye-catching masterpiece or a simple wall covering, but it may be just as easy to leave it up to us to make sure it turns out looking professional and will last a long time. No more cracked grout lines or frustrations going around a corner or a power outlet. We do this type of work so often, that we can do it efficiently while looking clean and professional. We use fine plastic sheets to cover all your belongings where needed and clean up after we are done.

tile backsplash

Cabinet and countertop installs

We can transform a truckload of boxed kitchen parts into a workable kitchen for you. Whether it is a small kitchenette in the basement or a full high-end kitchen on the main floor, we can handle it all. While we can install cabinetry, we also partner with a number of cabinetry suppliers and manufacturers. In that case we work with their expert installers and take care of all the before-and-after requirements of the project. From removal and demolition, to room modifications, drywall, taping, and painting, we do it all. We also install backsplashes, trim, and flooring. Leveraging our project management experience, we take control of the project and choreograph all the activities and installations. We will bring in all the right trades at the right time, to ensure the best possible outcome.

If preferred, we can recommend a few certified plumbers or electricians that have the same work ethic and eye-for-detail as we have.

Sharing our experience

We often work on kitchens and most likely have some experience with whatever you are dreaming about when it comes to your new kitchen. We may foresee some challenges along the way and will share and help solve those, to make sure in the end you have a beautiful new workspace that looks great and works well.

A good investment

Together with bathrooms, kitchens are often an important factor in determining the value of a home and a space the whole family will enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen backsplash

Sometimes it’s the backsplash that really finishes the kitchen. This one is simple and elegant with clean lines. We used a basic 3×6 subway tile in light grey with a white grout.